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Archived updates for Wednesday, June 23, 2004

WANTED: Movie Bootleggers, $500 Reward, Posse Forming at a Theater Near You

The "Anti-Camcording Rewards Program" unveiled Monday by the Motion Picture Association of America will give every theater worker added incentive to take action against pirates and help protect our industry from this scourge. The actual reward amount is up to the MPAA's discretion and is based on several factors, such as whether the suspect was apprehended and the timing of the piracy in relation to the movie's release.

The movie-going public might also be able join the posse. According to the MPAA website, "Anyone with information on suspected video piracy operations is urged to call the MPAA at 1-800-NO-COPYS (1-800-662-6797). Callers who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of persons engaged in video piracy may be eligible for a reward. A separate reward will be paid to the first person who provides the location of a pirate video lab. The pirate lab must consist of 30 or more VCRs at one location used to produce unauthorized copies of MPAA member company motion pictures."

Click here for an interview with Jack Valenti, CEO of the MPAA, on why piracy as the biggest issue facing the motion picture industry today.
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