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Archived updates for Wednesday, June 30, 2004

USPTO: Processing Times for Public Records Services

The Office of Public Records (OPR) processes and fills orders for both certified and uncertified copies of Patent and Trademark Office documents and records assignments and other documents related to title. This is an update of actual processing times during the month of May 2004:
    * * *
                                                                      Goal              Actual
Uncertified Patent Related File Wrappers         25 days         47 days
Certified Patent Related File Wrappers             25 days         29 days
Uncertified Trademark Related File Wrappers   25 days          7 days
Certified Trademark Related File Wrappers       25 days          9 days
   * * *
ASSIGNMENT SERVICES                                                                      
Submission Method            Goal            Actual 
Internet (EFS or eTAS)       2 days        2 days
Fax                                    5 days        5 days
Paper                                30 days      201 days
The Assignment Services Division is currently mailing recordation notices for paper documents received in the Office of Public Records on November 12, 2003.

Assignment submissions may be made via the Internet at for trademark assignments. Assignment submissions may also be faxed to the Assignment Services Division at (703) 306-5995. Customers are encouraged to place orders through the Internet by selecting the "Order Copies & Publications" option at 

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