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Archived updates for Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Comparison of Defensive Publication Mechanisms

In "DEFENSIVE PUBLISHING: A STRATEGY FOR MAINTAINING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AS PUBLIC GOODS," Stephen Adams and Victoria Henson-Apollonio discuss the five areas for special consideration for organizations that want to take the defensive publication route: form,accessibility, timeliness, unambiguous publication date, and the rights arising from a disclosure. The article ends with a table comparing the aspects of various defensive publication mechanisms, and concludes
In short, if the main concern is to reach a specific audience but there is little interest in using the publication as prior art to trigger the rejection of a patent claim, then self-publication is likely the most cost-effective means of disclosure. But other options should be considered if an organization’s main goal in publishing is to defeat a potential patent application. In this case, using a commercial company that specializes in publications that reach the attention of most patent examiners is the recommended course.
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"Solving business problems and managing risk with technical dislcosures" from the Securing Innovation Blog by (which offers a defensive publication service at
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