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Archived updates for Tuesday, June 29, 2004

OECD Recommendations for Patenting and Licensing at Public Research Organizations

I. Make national IP policies more coherent
  • Policies for IP ownership should be coherent across universities, other PROs and funding agencies
II. Encourage the development and implementation of IP policies at the institution level
  • Design and disseminate conflict of interest rules
  • Permit exclusive licensing while protecting public research interests
III. Enhance IP management capacity at PROs
  • IP management must become an integral part of research management
  • PROs should have greater freedom and resources for hiring and training technology transfer managers
  • Government support to TTOs should be limited
  • National patent offices should be mobilised to diffuse information on IP management to universities
IV. Improve data collection and share good practices
  • Governments and PROs should promote better monitoring of IP activity
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