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Archived updates for Sunday, January 13, 2008

ANSI Seeks Comments on Patent Valuation Standards Proposal

The Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) has submitted a proposal to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for a new work item on monetary patent valuation. According to the ANSI press release,

A uniform valuation standard for patents will support innovation and will benefit the many industries that rely heavily on intangible assets as profit drivers. The intended standard will specify basic requirements for a proper patent valuation process. Specifically, the document seeks to:

  • Specify the valuation object;
  • Determine the future orientation of monetary patent valuation;
  • Define the relevance of the valuation purpose and exploitation scenario;
  • Describe the valuation date principle;
  • Outline risk considerations (legal, technical, commercial);
  • Identify monetary value potential (legal, technical, commercial) as determinants for the monetary patent value; and
  • Establish valuation approaches.
Interested parties are invited to review the proposal and submit comments to Steven Cornish, ANSI director of international policy (, by Thursday, January 31, 2008.

According to "GTW Insight" Volume 10 Num 1 January 2008,
Three ANSI committees address intellectual property related policy. The ANSI IPR policy committee; the ANSI patent group: and the ANSI copyright group. One of the key developments in 2007 was approval by the patent group; the IPR policy committee; and other relevant ANSI oversight groups of 1) a revised ANSI Patent policy that will be incorporated into the 2008 version of the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards and 2) revised Guidelines for Implementation of the ANSI Patent Policy to reflect the approved and revised ANSI Patent Policy. GTW Associates has reviewed the ANSI
patent policy wording changes from the earliest ANSI records through the 2007 Patent policy and has interpreted the implications and significance of the
changes for standards developing organizations and for attestations from patent
holders to the evolving wording of the ANSI patent policy.
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