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Archived updates for Monday, October 01, 2007

Most Litigated Patents Since 2004

Thanks to Dennis Crouch at Patently-O for pointing out that the two patents asserted most-often in patent infringement litigation since January 2005 are
  • Patent No. 5,790,512 for "Optical Information carrier." Asserted by Koninklikje Philips in 29 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent Reissue No. 38,014 for "Miniature Flashlight." Asserted by Mag Instruments in 29 separate lawsuits.

"Interestingly, only two of [the top seven] patents appear to be controlled by non-practicing entities," he adds.

However, according to the Troll Tracker's Addendum:

I would say that the patents asserted by Minerva Industries against 42 different companies in 2 separate lawsuits should be on that list. Minerva could have filed 42 different lawsuits, and if justice had any place in the Eastern District of Texas, Minerva's case would be bifurcated into many different lawsuits. Orion IP has asserted the same patent(s) against over 100 defendants -- 64 in 1 lawsuit earlier this year. Why aren't the Orion patent(s) on this list? Ditto with the Financial Systems Innovations (Acacia) patent. Only 12 lawsuits, but well over 100 defendants served.

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