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Archived updates for Friday, August 04, 2006

TGIF for Lawyers In Love

According to Emma Schwartz writing for Legal Times on August 2, 2006, forty-something single mother and attorney Elena Albamonte created, a dating site strictly devoted to lawyers, after she found herself on a date with a fellow attorney and realized how much they had in common. Why not, she wondered, have a site where you don't have to search through hundreds of listings to find someone who knows what it means when you talk about constitutional law class or the last time you wrote a brief?

Since its launch in February 2005, has registered 1,500 users. Like most online dating sites, it allows members to post profiles, pictures and even a few lawyer jokes. One quirk is that very few people have posted photos, Albamonte says. Though some might wonder why these lawyers don't realize one of the fundamental but unwritten laws of dating (that a picture is worth a thousand
words), Albamonte imagines that attorneys are less put off by the lack of pictures than others. After all, lawyers take pride in keeping themselves out of the limelight.
Thank Goodness It's Friday (and love takes many forms),

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