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Archived updates for Friday, November 04, 2005

TGIF for Lawyering with a Porpoise

If you're a lawyer who has ever been offended by me or my news service, then stop reading now, and look for your porpoise in life somewhere else. Otherwise, click on the comic strips below, with commentary from Scott Adams via the Dilbert.Blog:

"It's amusing, I think, but the original version was punchier. See if you can guess why newspapers would have had a problem with this next one."

"Apparently there's an unwritten rule about showing a porpoise with his head in a lawyer's . . . . I still got complaints about the tame version, but only from people who said my drawing of a porpoise looks more like a dolphin. That offended some people."

Thank Goodness It's Friday (in porpoise-speak),

--Bill Heinze
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