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Archived updates for Thursday, November 10, 2005

Suggest a Search Template to the USPTO

This website provides access to templates describing search resources for the classified areas of science and technology found in the USPTO Manual of Classification. When completed, this version of the search template project will present almost 1,300 search templates covering the more than 600 USPC classes and subclasses.

Public comments on the search templates are invited. Comments should address the points enumerated in the Criteria for Evaluating Recommended Search Resources listed below. Comments can be submitted via the Search Template Project e-mail link on each template page or by mail addressed to:Mail Stop Patents Search Template Comments, Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450.

The USPTO wants you to keep in mind that recommended search resources must be publicly available. They also ask that you provide as much information as possible on the listed criteria:

  • Class/Subclass combination - Identify the class and subclass range for which you are recommending a resource.
  • Database/Resource identification - Provide the full name and other names (e.g. acronyms or shortened names) by which a database/resource may be identified; the name, address and phone number for the producer; the name, address and phone number for the entity that provides access to the database/resource.
  • Database/Resource scope - Indicate whether this tool is of general or specific use.
  • Content - Years of coverage of the database/resource; subject matter of the database; whether the resource is an abstract or full text database; and whether the bibliographic information includes documented publication dates.
  • Reasons for Recommendation - Specify the reasons for recommending the database for inclusion in the search template, focusing on the specific value of the content and search features of the database.
  • Accessibility - The database/resource must be publicly available. Indicate if there are any restrictions on hours of availability. USPTO must be able to obtain full-text copies of the cited art. The full-text must also be accessible to applicants.
  • Technical support - Availability of technical support and hours of availability.
  • Continuity - Describe the database policy on maintaining backfile data.
  • Mode of Access - e.g. online, web-based, stand-alone system.
  • Removal of Resources - The public can also suggest that resources be removed from the templates. In this case, the recommender should indicate reasons for removal that focus on coverage, search features, or accessibility.
The Office will provide periodic updates on the number of published search templates available and the status of the evaluation of public comments. The templates will be updated twice a year.
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