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Archived updates for Friday, October 07, 2005

The Latest on the Patent Bar Exam from PLI

The Practising Law Institute is presenting another FREE audio briefing (live, over the phone and on the Web) on "The Latest Information on the New Patent Bar Exam" Wednesday, October 19, 1 PM Eastern.

After a rocky start more than a year ago, the new computer-based Patent Bar Exam is getting high marks. There have been some adjustments to the Exam since their last briefing, and there are some big changes on the horizon. This briefing will cover
  • Who can take it (anyone with an undergrad degree in engineering or the "hard" sciences)
  • When you should take it (you don't need to...and probably shouldn't...wait until you've graduated from law school)
  • How the Exam works now, and
  • How you should study for it.

They'll also report on some of the latest developments:

  • Instant "preliminary results" at the end of your Exam
  • The new "beta test" questions, and how they impact your score and the psychology of taking the Exam
  • The effect of the coming Patent Reform Act on the Exam and your timetable for taking the Exam.

Of course, they'll also tell you a little bit about their prep course. And they might even mention some of the other information on their website at

Register online to listen in on this program via the Web and via telephone. Those who listen on the Web will be able to ask questions via email during the presentation. Those on the phone will be able to ask questions after the presentation via the phone. If you want to register the old-fashioned way, by phone, call PLI's Customer Relations Department at (800) 260-4754 and be sure to mention Priority Code PRW5-8AEM1.

Good Luck with your exam!

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