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Archived updates for Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wegner's "Seven Hot IP Cases at the Supreme Court"

Hal wegner is circulating a draft paper that defines (a) the issues; (b) status and timing; (c) likely outcome; and (d) implications for each of the following seven cases now at the Court:
"Cases Awaiting a Decision on the Merits: Grokster (1) and Merck v. Integra
(2) will be decided shortly – as early as May 31, 2005, but more likely in early
to mid-June.

"Case Awaiting Oral Argument: Unitherm (3) will likely be one of the first cases on the oral argument calendar for the October 2005 term of the Court.

"Cases Awaiting a Decision on Certiorari: Honeywell (4), McFarling (5) Laboratory Corp. v. Metabolite (6) and KSR (7) are pending a vote on certiorari; the first three were forwarded to the Solicitor General for the opinion of the United States whether the Court should grant review (the brief in Honeywell was recently filed); the final case represents an extraordinary, bold challenge to the obviousness jurisprudence of
the Federal Circuit in the early stages of the review process."

Drop me a line and I will send you a copy.
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