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Archived updates for Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Electronic Priority Document Submission Test

The USPTO and the EPO are testing automated electronic exchange of priority documents. Needed are serial numbers of (1) published or patented US applications claiming priority to non-US applications; and (2) serial numbers of non-US published or patented applications claiming priority to non-US applications. If you can help by providing a few of these serial numbers for confidential testing, please go to "how to help"

No benefit to the application provided for testing will be accrued by participating in this pilot program. You will still be required to obtain and file a certified copy of any priority document needed to perfect any Paris Convention priority claim. Your application will not be examined any sooner or benefit in any other way. No difference in the status of the patent application will result from this test. Nothing about the test will be visible in PAIR or in IFW.

Click here for more information from the AIPLA.

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