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Archived updates for Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Supreme Court at a Glance

The American Bar Association's "Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases" contains concise, plain-language analyses of every case granted plenary review by the Court. Their free "Cases at a Glance" section offers an advance look at the issues raised in every case slated for oral argument. Continuously updated links take you to the full text of the Court's decisions as soon as they are handed down. Merit briefs may also be accessed either by argument date or case name.

In addition, each summer, Preview highlights the key rulings from every Supreme Court decision handed down throughout the term. These case summaries are arranged both by case name and topical area and include the vote breakdown and an excerpt from the majority or plurality opinion. (In the interests of readability, most citations and internal quotes are omitted from these opinion excerpts.)

Click here for their "Overview of the Jurisdiction, Practices, and Procedures of the Supreme Court." Click here for their list of other Supreme Court resources.
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