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Archived updates for Friday, December 03, 2004

Wikipedia Free On-Line Encylopedia

Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia started in January 2001, has since surprised Web watchers by maturing into a popular reference site. Click here for a random entry and here for more from The Washington Post.

According to a September 27, 2004 article from the Associated Press, Wikipedia is just one of a growing breed of Internet knowledge-sharing communities called "Wikis," from the Hawaiian word "wiki wiki" for "quick." Ward Cunningham launched the first wiki in 1995 as a way to discuss software design and thousands more followed for a wide variety of subjetcs. Though for now largely the domain of techies, Wikis are poised to become what blogs have turned into - still in the Internet avant garde yet widespread enough to be influential. Wikis have the power to change how we live and work, replacing e-mail as a tool of collaboration and spanning hierarchies.

Click here for a wiki directory from
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