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Archived updates for Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Unavailability of Trademark File Wrappers

Due to the USPTO's move, between September 27, 2004 and until at least December 3, 2004, various of the file wrappers bearing the paper versions of pending trademark applications may not be readily available for public viewing. However, scanned images of these papers can be viewed through TICRS, the Office's Trademark Image Capture and Retrieval System. Computers bearing TICRS are available at the public search room.

Since April 12, 2004, the Trademark Operation has not created paper copies of any electronically created documents. Hence, there are no paper copies of any submissions filed through TEAS, the Trademark Electronic Application System, on or after April 12, 2004. Likewise, there are no paper copies of communications issued by examining attorneys on or after that date. Thus, whereas the TICRS file for a pending application will always be complete, the unavailable file wrapper may not include all, or any, of the contents of a pending application.
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