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Archived updates for Friday, October 08, 2004

Creative Commons Goes International; More I/P Comic Books

International Commons ("iCommons") is an offshoot of the Creative Commons licensing project dedicated to the drafting and eventual adoption of free, jurisdiction-specific copyright licenses. They have now developed licenses for the United States, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Japan, and Netherlands, and are in the process of developing licenses for Australia, Austria, Canada, Catalonia, China, Croatia, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.

According to their website "With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit -- and only on the conditions you specify here. Or, if you want to offer your work with no conditions, choose the public domain. They'll give you a license that is easy-to-understand, legally sound, technically savvy, free of charge, and expressed in three ways:

If you're new to Creative Commons, here are a few quick ways to learn about "the concepts behind the organization"
  • Get Creative is a 5-minute long Flash presentation that covers why Creative Commons was formed, what it does, and how it does it.
  • A Spectrum of Rights describes, in comic-book format, how the licenses work.
  • How It Works is the story, also in comic-book format, of a typical collaboration.

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